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Carefree Boat Club is the ultimate boating lifestyle choice for you and your family. Not only will you save significantly over the cost of buying a new boat, but your choices of lakes and boats are nearly unlimited.

Boating is one of the best ways to unplug and spend real, quality time with your family and friends!

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Best Time of Year to Fish

The Carefree Boat Club is proud to announce a new addition to its diverse fleet. The 2018 Avalon GS CCF Fishing Pontoon has made its first appearance this season at Boone Lake. This beautiful twenty-three-footer makes for an excellent, fully-equipped fishing and cruising mate. If you’ve had less than optimal luck fishing in our deep-fried […]

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Boatgating: Tailgating with a Twist

Tailgating. The American football fan’s favorite pastime. Lucky for us, college football season is coming in hot, and right along with it-tailgating. This season-whether you’re yelling “Go Vols” or “Roll Tide” the Carefree Boat Club is ready to show you a unique twist on one of the greatest traditions today – boatgating! That’s right, the […]

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Don’t LEAF Us Behind: Keep Boating in the Fall!

  What comes to mind when you hear fall mentioned? Most likely multicolored leaves sprinkling the landscapes, representing your favorite team at tailgating events, or enjoying a steamy pumpkin spice latte. These activities pretty well embody the common man’s ideal fall experience, but what if you were able to enjoy all these activities- the Carefree […]

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Surf Boat Made Easy

  Learning to operate the surfing features of a surf boat is much easier that you might think. Wake surfing is becoming more and more popular since Malibu’s patented surf gate system that makes a large wake perfect for surfing. The only problem is not many people know how to operate this special feature. This […]

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Your Labor-free Labor Day

Labor Day. The first Monday in September. A day dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. In other words, America’s day-long “thank you” to its invaluable work force. To complete the occasion, The Carefree Boat Club is inviting you to kick your feet up and let us do the work this upcoming […]

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