5 Ways to Cure Seasickness

According to Navy studies 90% of people get seasick when on a boat.  This makes Seasickness one of the greatest plagues for people who love boating.  Seasickness happens when the ears are sensing motion but the eyes don’t see it.  This causes your body to react with confusion resulting in nausea.  Most people would turn to Dramamine, Scopolamine, and Bonine however those same Navy studies show that medication is only moderately effective.  So what can you do to cure it?   Here are five real working and slightly quirky tips to cure sea sickness.

1. Go Barefoot

Take off your shoes and go barefoot.  Why does this work? Nobody really knows but studies have shown that about one third of Seasickness cases are cured by removing the shoes and letting the toes wiggle.

2. Go for a Swim

If conditions allow jump in the water and go for a swim.  This works every time by letting what your body feels and your eyes see match.  The only down side to this method is that most of the time people get sick as soon as they get back in the boat.

3. Get to the Root of the Problem

Try chewing on some ginger root.  This cure dates back to the time of the vikings.  If you don’t have any ginger root handy you can always try some ginger based drinks like Ginger Ale and Ginger Beer.  The drinks are not as effective but have been known to at least ease the nausea.

4. Feel the Pressure

There are two pressure points on the wrist that help cure Seasickness.  Many nautical supply stores carry wristbands that accomplish this, or if you need a quick fix you can always use your thumb and forefinger to apply pressure to the top and bottom of your wrist.

5.Boarding Ring Glasses

These are glasses that have fluid in the rims simulating a steady horizon and curing most cases of Seasickness.  The only downside is they make you look like a martian. There you have it five great ways to cure your Seasickness and enjoy your trip on the boat.  If you have any other tips to avoid or cure Seasickness let us know in the comments.