About The Carefree Boater

The Carefree Boater is a boating lifestyle website dedicated to educating folks about boating as a leisure time activity with family and friends.

It was developed and is run by boating professionals Doug Sams and Jessica Luff.  Doug and Jessica saw an unmet need in the lifestyle boating space and blog regularly about how to enjoy inland boating to its fullest.


Doug Sams

Doug and his wife Stacia bought their first boat in 2004.  They were looking for a great way to spend quality time with their daughters.  Doug’s enjoyment on the water led to his purchase of Rockingham Marina, which, in turn, led to establishing The Carefree Boat Club of Boone Lake.


Jessica Luff

Jessica is a wife and mother of three who sat where you sit, not too long ago.  She and husband Brian jumped into boating and the rest is history.  She is now the owner/manager of Carefree Boat Club of South Holston Lake.