About The Carefree Boater

The Carefree Boater is a boating lifestyle website dedicated to educating about boating as a leisure time activity with family and friends.

It was developed and is run by boating professional Jessica Luff. Jessica saw an unmet need in the lifestyle boating space and maintains this website to ensure that people are fully aware of how to best enjoy inland boating. The resources on this website are offered to enumerate and simplify the many aspects of boating, all while making clear just how fun and relaxing boating can be!

Jessica Luff

Jessica is a wife and mother of three. She spent time in corporate America and invested time at home with her kids before being introduced to the Carefree Boat Club. She and her husband Brian jumped into boating and are now the owners of three Tennessee locations (Carefree Boat Clubs of Boone Lake, South Holston Lake, and Watauga Lake).