Boating: A Teen’s Take

         Often when you picture kids out on the lake, you visualize your young ones strapping into their life jackets and packing up their water toys, or splashes and smiles as they enjoy the sun. Yes, the lake is the perfect activity for kids, but it actually happens to be one of my favorite ways to spend the day. I am eighteen years old, and I have been fortunate enough to get to experience the Carefree Boat Club and all its amenities for the past several years. The Boat Club has not only broadened my horizons in boating experience, but has provided an outlet of lots of fun for me and my friends. If you’re my age and looking for easy access to water sports, or maybe a quiet, relaxing place to read or do homework, then look no further, the lake is the perfect destination. I’m sure you hear a lot of input from adults about the lake and the Boat Club and why it’s fantastic, but I am here to offer you my own personal perspective.

Ever since we first became a part of the Carefree Boat Club, it has been a blast. During summers or for last day of school celebrations, I have brought groups of friends to share the fun with. We absolutely love to pack up snacks and spend all day getting thrown off the tube, but I have also gotten to teach them how to wake surf, wakeboard, kneeboard, and of course, flip off the rope swings! My friends and I love lake season, it’s a chance to enjoy the weather, the water, and each other’s company. Even if it happens to rain, the great food at the marina makes up for it!

Friends are awesome, and they make any lake outing better, but impromptu family outings are the best. Because the Boat Club is so easy and accessible, our family can spur of the moment reserve a boat and spend time together. As a teen who loves the water, and loves spending time with people, I have loved every minute of my Carefree Boat Club experience. Hope to see you out there!