Boating Is Good for the Soul

boating is good for the soul

Countless meetings, tight deadlines and long hours on the job can lead to a great deal of stress, which, as we all are aware, is unhealthy.

While there are a number of ways you might de-stress, one of the surest ways is to take a boat trip. Whether you prefer to spend a little time alone on the water or with family or friends, there’s no denying the incredible sense of peace and tranquility some time on a boat gives you.

Enjoying the serenity is one of the chief reasons you need to go boating, but it’s certainly not the only one. While it’s difficult to imagine anyone would need more motives to hit the water, there are definitely plenty to consider…

For instance:

  • You can head out on your boat and leave your cell phone, laptop, iPad, etc. behind. Sure, you might think you can’t possibly live without all that technology, but if you can do it for an hour or two, you will truly understand just how wonderful it is to be completely off the grid.
  • Boating is a wonderful way to exercise, which releases endorphins and is one of best ways to help manage stress. You might be swimming, fishing, manning the sails, etc. – no matter what you’re doing you’re moving and that’s a big plus.
  • Heading out on the boat with the family or a group of friends is the perfect way to bond with one another. Whether you’re fishing, watching the kids swim or waiting for an amazing sunset, you’re making memories and getting closer to your loved ones.
  • You can become one with nature. Just jump into a sailboat and use nature’s power to travel. It’s the perfect way to reconnect with yourself and the wonders of the outdoors.
  • You can enjoy some amazing sun in the form of Vitamin D, which is crucial to our health. Just make sure you use sunscreen.
  • If boating is a passion for you, it will most certainly contribute to your overall happiness.
  • Learning boating skills is not only educational but empowering as well.
  • If you’re out on the boat you can also enjoy all kinds of water sports, such as skiing, tubing, swimming or fishing. Not only is it great exercise but it’s also a wonderful way to calm the mind.
  • Being part of a boating community is pretty special as it can open you up to an entirely new group of people. And most folks in the boating community are extremely helpful and friendly.
  • A boat trip can be an amazing adventure that can put you in an entirely different state of mind. Take advantage of the time you have on the water and you’ll never regret it.

Boating is truly good for soul, which is a proven fact. Research shows that being near water can help lower anxiety, which simply means you’ll have a far more relaxed and healthier life if you spend time boating!