Boone Lake Is Still Here!!!!

It seems like every other day we hear someone talking about Boone Lake and how sad it is that the lake is gone.

The lake is not gone!

Yes, the water level is lower than it used to be, but Boone Lake still has a good 22 miles of boatable water!

Still, thanks to some widely read local news reports and the visible disappearance of the lake in places where cars drive across it, a lot of people think Boone Lake is gone completely.

For those who aren’t confused by the hype, that means a great opportunity to enjoy the lake without the crowds.

Gone are the days when it’s so busy that you’re afraid to tow your kids behind the boat. Now, you can get out there and enjoy the lake without these worries.

Boone Lake is the best kept secret right now – because nobody’s on it!

The reduced lake level has eliminated access for a lot of homeowners, and it’s left several of the boat ramps and marinas high and dry. But, contrary to popular belief, there are still some good places to access the lake.

Rockingham Marina, where Carefree Boat Club’s boats are kept, was relatively unaffected by the change in lake level. The dock was simply pushed out 60 feet – so all of our slips are wet, and there’s plenty of water.

Boat club members have been enjoying the lake more than ever because there are considerably fewer boaters.

There’s also another benefit to the lower lake level: the low spots and hazards that used to exist around the lake are well above the water level now – meaning easier and safer boating than before.

Boone is one of three lakes in the Tri-Cities region where we have our boats; Carefree Boat Club also has locations on South Holston and Watauga lakes.

We’re enthusiastic to help get the word out about Boone Lake and what a great place it is to enjoy the water.

Don’t believe the hype! Boone Lake is still here, just with bigger beaches. The hazards are gone, the crowds are gone, and the lake is as beautiful as ever!