Break at the Lake!


    Daytona Beach, Cancun, Miami, Bahamas. The mention of spring break typically evokes thoughts of destinations such as these-loud, proud, and parties galore. Maybe if you’re a college student, these thoughts excite you, and if so, this blog post is probably not up your alley. Since it’s never a crime to start getting excited for vacations early, we thought we’d brainstorm ways to upend the notion that spring break can only be enjoyed when its accompanied by large amounts of Bud Light and loud music. If that floats your boat, you are in luck, because we have a not-so-secret secret to tell. The perfect spring break destination is right in your backyard, no plane ticket needed, no suitcase necessary. Stay tuned, we are going to tell you just how to join us on one (or more) of your three local lakes, and how to leave the spring break week with lower stress, lots of relaxation, and more pennies in your cookie jar.


No matter how you choose to relax- may it be swinging in a hammock, camping, or reading a great book, we can promise it is even better on the lake. The Carefree Boat Club is personally inviting you to spend your spring break with us! Lucky for you, it’s family friendly, and kids love the lake (but if you want to leave them with grandparents for a bit and take a romantic getaway, we don’t judge). Whether you want to find your own private island to beach your boat, roast marshmallows, and pitch tents, or rent a cabin overlooking the scenic mountains, we are here to help, with boats of all shapes and sizes! Sometimes, if they’re adventurous enough, kids pull on their wetsuits and life jackets and want to be pulled on a tube!


Life is better on the lake, and spring break is the perfect opportunity to take full advantage of your Carefree Boat Club membership and all its amenities. Cancun will be there next year,  so opt for the low-key vacation and break at the lake-the Carefree way.