Should I wait until Spring?

The Late Fall / Winter Season can be a very good time to either buy a boat or join a boat club.  Sometimes it’s hard to imagine your boat membership or new boat sitting unused for much of the winter.  It’s true, that’s why most boat memberships and sales happen in the spring, but the current discounts and extended membership opportunities are very difficult to pass up.  The best part is whether you’re new to boating or a veteran, you can prepare now and be 100% ready to have fun as soon as the weather brightens up!

My personal suggestion is at the very least, look into the Carefree Boat Club:

Red PontoonAs a New 2014 Member of the Carefree Boat Club – we have really enjoyed our outings on the local Tri-Cities lakes. Our first outing on Boone Lake, was particularly memorable.  Most people have been on pontoon boats and had fun rumbling around, but this new pontoon boat handled like a sports car and had a top speed of over 50 MPH.  This really stood out as a key piece of the Carefree Boat Club advantage. You simply can’t beat the fantastic selection of boats in the fleet or the convenience of knowing that all you have to do is show up and have fun.

Here’s why, by far, Carefree Boat Club is the right fit for us and maybe you.  If I owned a boat and docked it at the marina, I would have to gas it up and take care of other maintenance issues before getting on the water. If I had a boat on a trailer, I would have to load it up, haul it, launch it, find a parking place and meet the family back at the dock. That’s way too much effort and energy to go through only to find that we might be rained out. With the boat club, the only effort and energy is driving to the lake!

I’m sure owning a boat is a blast for the enthusiast, but we were just looking to enjoy the local lakes and man, were we impressed!!

This is the perfect time of year to join!  Look for their December specials that will soon be posted!!

Thank you!!

New Member at Carefree Boat Club

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