Calling All Football Enthusiasts!

As college football season comes to a close, NFL fans are gearing up for one of the most exciting games of the year. The Super Bowl! Grab your jerseys, foam fingers, buffalo dip, chicken wings, and a weekend boat reservation! Wait…boats? That’s right, once again we have found a way to combine two of our favorite things, football and boating. Because the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia is hosting this year’s big night, members everywhere are in luck! If you are a Carefree Boat Club member, and you are planning a weekend trip to watch the Super Bowl live, there are two local clubs who are ready to treat you to an outing for a great conclusion to your weekend! Keep the party going by inviting guests, bringing snacks and drinks, and maybe if your team takes home the trophy, re-watching the game!


One of the greatest perks of being a Carefree Boat Club member is having the opportunity to benefit from the multiplicity of other clubs across the country, and lucky for this year’s Super-Bowl-goers, there are two clubs right around the corner from the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The Carefree Boat Club at Allatoona Lake is a beautiful Marine-Resort, fully stocked with luxurious amenities and a great staff. This club is approximately 45 minutes north of the stadium-a link with more details is included below. Lake Lanier, approximately an hour from the stadium, is not only home to a Carefree Boat Club, but also a wide variety of restaurants, golfing, and resorts (link included below with additional information).


While it’s easy to look ahead to sunny summer months on the water, there are tons of awesome and creative ways to utilize a Carefree Boat Club membership in the season we are in. We hope to see photos of your Super Bowl weekend…on a boat!


Allatoona Lake:


Lake Lanier: