Don’t need words……

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These are a couple photos from a very cloudy, sometimes rainy day. If we had been at home the kids would’ve been watching TV and I would’ve done some laundry or something horribly boring. Instead we took a chance and headed to the lake. Sure, there were a couple rain drops. But there was also sunshine. Fun. Exercise. Family time. Good food. And smiles and laughter. Smiles. And laughter. Our kid’s laughter. Music to my soul. A precious commodity that in our busy, compartmentalized world is becoming more rare. If it had poured rain all day at home we would’ve been miserable. On the lake a little rain cooled us off.

I have some pictures of the kids from Saturday. BIG smiles. Memories. Something we can talk about 20 years from now when we are taking the grandkids boating. Laughter. The sound we can simply think about and if we walk past a mirror we notice we are smiling. We can’t help it. The sound is so beautiful. Make those memories. Remember the laughter. No one will talk about how they folded that load of laundry or dusted their bedroom that one Saturday. But they will talk about the first time they got up on the wakeboard. Or how everyone worked to get the bimini closed as the rain started. And we will all remember the music of the lake. Laughter.