Family Holidays On Your Boat

You love your family and you love being out on your boat. So when it comes to celebrating holidays with your loved ones, why would you do it anywhere but on the water?

The most popular family boating holidays are probably July 4th and Labor Day when the weather is nice and hot and the water is at its most inviting. What better way to celebrate America’s birthday, or the traditional end of summer, than on the boat with family and friends?

Make your boating holiday one to remember

Let’s face it — when you’re on the water celebrating any holiday, you’re pretty much already in paradise. So what else do you really need, other than cruising the lake and just relaxing and enjoying the scenery? OK, so there are a few things that you can add that will make the day even more special…

  • You’ll want to have the right kind of food onboard, particularly everybody’s favorite snacks and drinks (and coolers)
  • If not your traditional board or card games, come up with some of your own – like a murder mystery game.
  • Water toys. Make sure you bring the floats, tubes, water skis, wakeboards, jet skis, etc.
  • Music, music, music

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Get the whole family involved in boating

And speaking of music, what about having a karaoke contest and making everybody – even dear old dad – compete? Spring for a battery-powered kid’s karaoke machine and you’ll have all kinds of fun – and memories that will last a lifetime.

You can also head to a beach for a luau, complete with garish Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts. While there you can swim, play some volleyball or build a fire where you can roast wieners or marshmallows.

Fishing is also a popular family activity while on the water. Make sure you bring the rods, bait and tackle – and then have a fish-off. See who can land the most fish on the way to being crowned fishing kind of the family.


Make your boating memories last a lifetime

Finally, bring the camera, along with some binoculars, so you can capture the day’s special moments. And if you’ve got cell service you can take pictures and document the fun on social media.

The most important part of your boating holiday, regardless of whether you’re celebrating Father’s Day, Halloween, etc., isn’t about the activities at all, it’s about spending time together as a family.