Is A Boat Club Like A Country Club?

Country Club vs. Boat ClubThis 2nd part in our Boat Club series explores the similarities and differences with Country Clubs and Boat Clubs.  A quick comparison will help you gain a better understanding of how Boat Clubs work.  If you are trying to decide which to invest in, this post will help you decide which will give you the most return in terms of enjoyment.


Boat Clubs are a lot like Country Clubs that you can visit as often as you like but without the hassle of owning and managing the golf course or boat.

Country Clubs employ staff who maintain the grass, pool, provides upkeep, maintenance, even insurance.  Boat Clubs work the same way.  Your Boat Club will take care of all the storage, maintenance, cleaning, insurance – and of course the boats themselves.

Reserving a boat through a Boat Club and setting tee times at a Country Club are nearly identical.  It’s as easy as picking up the phone.  Most Boat Clubs will allow you to make reservations for four dates in the future, with no limits on frequency.

Payment terms are fairly similar.  Both types of clubs have a one-time fee and a yearly fee. There are differences in the way memberships work.  See the differences below.

Both Boat Clubs and Country Clubs are family-friendly and designed to optimize leisure time.  Both are social in nature.

Carefree Boat Club


There are several differences between Boat Clubs and Country Clubs.

With Country Clubs, reciprocity of courses is sometimes available, but you normally pay an access fee to play anywhere other than your home course.  Members of Boat Clubs, on the other hand, get to enjoy all of the locations of the club with no additional charges.  Carefree Boat Club has locations all over the East Coast and west all the way to Texas.  This includes inland lakes and saltwater.  Many Boat Club members are planning vacations around club locations.  There are literally thousands of miles of water and shoreline to be explored.

The variety that a Boat Club offers over Country Clubs doesn’t stop with locations.  Whether you’re into deck boats, pontoons, powerboats, or cabin cruisers, a quality boat club will own and maintain all of this for unlimited adventures.  Whether you’re into sailing, skiing, chilling out, even fishing, Boat Clubs can offer a wide range of experiences.  See The Ultimate List of Lake Boat Outings for 15 creative ideas.

Though the payment terms (one-time setup fee and yearly fees for both), the actual costs of Country Clubs is normally much much higher than Boat Clubs.  Country Club fee structures typically have several levels – individual, family, corporate, out-of-state.  Boat Club memberships would all be considered “family.”

Speaking of family, you’ll want to consider how many members of your family will enjoy memberships with the Country Club or Boat Club.  The Carefree Boater is about helping families enjoy time together on the water.  We recommend taking your family for a day on the water or a day on the golf course to make sure everyone enjoys it before making the commitment to join either type of club.