Carefree Boat Club on Boone Lake

If you have ever dreamed of getting the family out on Boone Lake but have always been hampered by the astronomical cost of buying and maintaing a boat, then you really need to check out the Carefree Boat Club. Enjoy a top of the line fleet of 2018 sport, wakeboard, and high-performance pontoon boats, and spend your day on the lake knowing that when you come back to the marina, all you have to do is park the boat and go home. The Boat Club takes care of the rest!


Benefits of Carefree Boat Club Membership

If you want to enjoy Boone Lake with your family and friends, we feel there is no better way than as a member of Carefree Boat Club. Why? Because it allows you to focus completely on enjoying your time in the water, without worrying about trailers, boat ramps, cleaning, maintenance, or any of those other things.

Below is a list of a few things that Carefree Boat Club takes care of so that you can spend MORE time with your friends and family!Carefree Boat Club on Boone Lake


  • Boat Preparation – The boat is fueled up and ready to go when you get to Rockingham Marina.
  • Boat Maintenance – The club handles all routine maintenance and keeps the fleet in top-notch shape.
  • Insurance – Membership in Carefree Boat Club means the club covers all insurance on the fleet of boats.
  • Cleaning – When you are done, the club handles the cleaning and docking of the boat.
  • Dockage & Proper Storage – The club handles docking the boat, putting it on the lift or any other tasks necessary to properly storing the boat after each use.
  • Annual Maintenance – Winterization, major maintenance tasks and other major operations for each boat are taken care of by the club.
  • On-The-Water Training – We don’t send our members out on the water without extensive hands-on training. If you are new to boating, or apprehensive about boating safety, the club is the best, and safest way to go.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you have ever wanted to get into boating, there is no better time than the present! Carefree Boat Club makes boating on Boone Lake something you and your family can start taking advantage of immediately! Don’t let this boating season slip past, contact our staff at (877) 651-3625 or click this link to set up a tour today. We will meet you at Rockingham Marina, show you the fleet, and how members have unlimited, reserved access to our brand-new-every-year boats.