Join a Boat Club, Invest in a Vacation That Can Last All Year

Chaparral-246-SSI-2It’s summer and you’re trying to figure out what type of vacation you’re going to take with your family. Once you figure in travel – and if you’re flying and taking the whole bunch, that alone is going to be quite pricey – fuel, not to mention the cost of hotel rooms or a condo, and all the food, you’re likely shaking your head, thinking it’s just too much money for such a short vacation.

The fact is, family vacations are often way too short and expensive. The thing is, though, you all need to spend quality time together, having fun and relaxing. So, what’s the best way to accomplish that feat? The perfect solution lies no further than the nearest lake and boat club.

Imagine being able spend time on the lake over the course of the entire summer or even year. Not just a week or a few days but you could be hanging out on a great boat, skiing, fishing, swimming, tubing, etc., any time you wanted. Now that’s the kind of extended dream vacation most of us could get on board with.

The beauty of it is that it’s not just a dream once you decide to invest in a vacation that lasts for months or even an entire year. It can easily become a reality once you decide to become a member of a boat club. With a Carefree Boat Club membership, in fact, it’s a win-win situation because we cover the cost of the boat, slip fees, insurance, maintenance, repair, taxes, towing coverage, winterization, etc. And a membership to the club is WAY less than buying your own boat!

Carefree Boat Club

Not only that but you have unlimited usage and you simply reserve the boats online, which lets you decide when you want to go out and at which location you’d like to pick up the boat. You can also go out on a fishing boat one day, a 27-foot cruiser the next, a pontoon the day after that and so on because we’ve got a huge variety from which to choose.

There’s always great availability with the boats and there’s even instructors at each pick-up location who can provide boat safety training, while also teaching you how to operate a boat in tight confines, navigate through channels, dock, how to operate a radio and much more.

The question is, why wouldn’t you take advantage of this amazing option, which would allow you to enjoy family time together for months instead of blowing a lot of money on a one-week trip? You can have the benefit of being out on the water any time you choose, making wonderful family memories all summer – or all year – long.

A membership to the boat club just makes perfect sense – especially if you’d rather be able to enjoy your down time for more than a week!

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