July 4th 2015 Fireworks on Watauga and South Holston Lakes

Fireworks Lake Boating OutingsSouth Holston Lake Fireworks 2015

When: Friday, July 3, 2015

Where: Lake View Dock, Mile 51.3

Quick Note: You must be a member to park your car at the marina.   

Watagua Lake Fireworks 2015

When: Saturday, July 4, 2015

Where: Lakeshore Marina

Please Be Safe While Celebrating After Dark

This July 4th, many boaters are going to be out on the water after dark.  This can be great fun for the family; watching fireworks and playing games.  

Here Are A Couple Of Tips To Help Keep You Safe

– Slow down.  The biggest danger is reduced visibility.  Slowing down gives you the opportunity to identify potential dangers, such as rocks and branches.

– Reduce light onboard, such as cell phones. This allows your eyes to keep their acquired night vision allowing you to see clearly.

– Keep the rest of the crew on the look out; you can never have too many eyes.

– Always keep your night lights on to allows other boats to see you.

Happy Independence Day From Carefree Boater!