Latest News on the Boone Lake Water Levels

 Here’s the Latest News on the Boone Lake Water Levels from WCYB

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. – The Tennessee Valley Authority announced Thursday that Boone Lake will remain 30 feet below its normal level until next year. But with lake levels staying put for at least the next year, what does that mean for marinas?

Rockingham Marina Owner Doug Sams is seeing a positive effect on his marina.  “I think I’ve rented six slips this morning,” Sams adds.  Because the original owners built the marina in a cove on the lake.  “Whether they were lucky or smart – they put it on the deepest water on the lake so it’s worked out real well for us,” Sams says.

“If the other marinas don’t make provisions to get their boats and their fuel docks out into the water, then I think we’ll be the only game in town,” Sams says.