How to Load Your Boat Onto a Trailer

Loading a Boat Onto a TrailerYou’ve had a wonderful day out on the water but now it’s time to head back to shore. If you don’t want to end your day of fun, fishing or relaxation with a big headache, be sure you plan accordingly as you take steps to trailer your boat.

Slowly bring your boat in toward the ramp, never forgetting how shallow the water becomes the closer you get. If you have someone with you, drop that person at the dock so they can bring your vehicle to the boat ramp (if you’re on your own make sure you secure the boat before going after your vehicle).

Back your vehicle down the ramp, hold the lines to keep the boat in position and put the vehicle in park (make sure your parking brake is on) and leave it running. If your trailer has guide-ons, the boat should fit right on the trailer. If you don’t, simply guide the boat into position.

Now you or whoever is with you should be in position on the trailer tongue so that you can attach the winch strap to the bow eye of the boat and crank the boat fully onto the trailer. Once the bow is securely settled against the winch post, attach the safety chain.

With the boat securely on the trailer, you can slowly drive your tow vehicle up the ramp. From here you should go to the post-launch area so you can unload your equipment and secure the boat to the trailer with cables. At this point you should pull the plug and drain any livewells, then transfer any gear into your vehicle.

If you have a tarp for you boat, put it in place and make sure it’s securely tied down before you hit the road. Following these simple guidelines will make your day on the water much more enjoyable and efficient!

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