Local Lakes

Boone Lake

Boating on Boone Lake

Boone Lake is a reservoir in Sullivan County and Washington County in Tennesssee. Its full length is 24 miles; the boatable length is currently 22 miles while the TVA continues work on the dam. It covers 4,400 acres and is just over 200 feet deep at the maximum depth. Boone Lake is known for its great fishing and water skiing.



South Holston Lake

South Holston Lake Swimming

South Holston Lake, the largest in the area, is in both Sullivan County, Tennessee, and Washington County, Virginia. It covers 7,580 acres and 24 miles, and is over 200 feet deep at its maximum depth. The South Holston area is jam-packed with outdoor activities, including some of the area’s best fishing, camping, and hiking. Fishermen can get a special South Holston Lake fishing license that covers the entire lake and will prevent any confusion between Tennessee and Virginia licensing.


Watauga Lake

Boating on Watauga Lake

Watauga Lake sits in both Carter County and Johnson County in the northeastern corner of Tennessee. It is an 18-mile long reservoir that covers 6,600 acres and has a maximum depth of 265 feet. It is known for its scenic views; Watauga is the highest-elevated reservoir in Tennessee, and most of the coastline sits in the undeveloped Cherokee National Forest.