Boone Lake – The Ultimate Guide


TriCities Lake GuideBoone Reservoir is located on the South Fork Holston River in northeast Tennessee. The reservoir is named for frontiersman Daniel Boone, who played a major role in the history of the rea.

Boone Reservoir is managed for a number of purposes, including power production, flood damage reduction, water supply, water quality, and aquatic ecology.

The reservoir features a swimming area above the dam and a boat ramp with a courtesy pier for safe, convenient boat launching and retrieval. Water skiing and fishing are popular pastimes at Boone.

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Boat Club

Rockingham Marina is home to the lake’s only boat club, Carefree Boat Club. The boat club is a member-based club offering unlimited usage of a premium fleet of all new boats. Call (877) 651-3625 for more information.

Carefree Boat Club Pricing & Information Guide


There are seven active marinas on Boone Lake

  • Rockingham Marina – (877) 651-3625
  • Jays Boat Dock
  • Lakeview Marina
  • Sonny’s Marina
  • Boone Lake Marina
  • Hidden Cove Marina
  • Davis Boat Dock

TriCitiesGuideCTARestaurants / Snack Bars

Rockingham Marina has a great snack bar.  Jay’s Boat Dock has breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Sonny’s Marina has lunch and dinner.  Lakeview Marina has lunch and dinner.  Boone Lake Marina has lunch and dinner.  Davis Marina has a great menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Hidden Cove has a snack bar.

Real Estate

Boone Lake has a plethora of residential offerings… The best way to check it out is by boat.  You can choose from Sullivan County or Washington County… A Johnson City, Piney Flats, Gray, Bluff City if you looking for something more incorporated.

Nearby Lodging

The Appalachian Mountains run through eastern Tennessee, bordering North Carolina near Asheville. This area is full of verdant forests, rolling hills and lakes. Some good accommodation options you have for your next vacation are Boone Lake rentals. You can rent Boone Lake houses or Boone Lake cabins, depending upon your size preferences. The houses tend to sleep four to 12 people, whereas the cabins are more intimate. 

Associations & Partnerships

The Boone Lake Association – A group created to keep the lake “clean and healthy.”

Boone Watershed Partnership – The Boone Watershed Partnership is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works with local users, regional, state and federal entities, educators and others to identify and address water resource issues in the Boone Watershed, an area of about 686 square miles lying in Sullivan, Washington, Unicoi, and Carter Counties of Tennessee and Washington County of Virginia.


A variety of species of fish including bass, striper, bluegill, crappie, rainbow trout, and catfish liven the waters of Boone Lake.

History & Uses

Construction of Boone Dam began in 1950 and was completed in 1952.  The dam is 160 feet high and stretches 1,697 feet across the South Fork Holston River.

In a year with normal rainfall, the water level in Boone Reservoir varies about 25 feet from summer to winter to provide seasonal flood storage.  The reservoir has a flood-storage capacity of 75,800 acre-feet.  Boone Dam is a hydroelectric facility. It has three generating units with a net dependable capacity of 89 megawatts. Net dependable capacity is the amount of power a hydroelectric dam can produce on an average day, minus the electricity used by the dam itself.


Lake Data

  • Lake Type: Reservoir
  • Location: Sullivan County, TN; Washington County, TN
  • Size: 4,400 Acres
  • Max Length: 24 miles
  • Max Depth: Just over 200 feet
  • Shore Length: 183 miles
  • Surface Elevation: 1729’ normal pool
  • Landings or Ramps: Avens Access, Baumgardner Access, Little Oak Mountain Recreation Area, Painter Creek Marina, Sullivan County Park, US HWY 421 Access, Washington County Park, Whitaker Hollow Park

Recreation Facilities


Release Schedules

The TVA publishes release schedules for 3 running days. Please check this link for more information.