Watauga Lake of East Tennessee

Watauga Lake is located on the Watauga and Elk Rivers in northeast Tennessee. The reservoir was created by the TVA in the 1940’s due to persistent flooding in the area. The flood-prone original town of Butler now lies under the lake; the town relocated during the damming work to higher ground near the edge of the lake. An “Old Butler Days” festival is still held to celebrate the lake and the town’s history.

The TVA uses Watauga Lake for flood control, habitats for fish and other aquatic wildlife, and hydroelectric power generation with the Watauga Dam.

The lake features several swimming and recreation areas as well as several marinas and docks. The lake’s secluded location in the undeveloped Cherokee National Forest means it’s one of the most lightly-used and cleanest lakes in the area. Hikers and backpackers are often seen around the lake as the Appalachian Trail crosses the lake over the Watauga Dam.

Watauga Lake of East Tennessee

Watauga Lake of East Tennessee is a TVA controlled reservoir, Visitors to Watauga Lake enjoy beautiful scenery and a wide variety of outdoor recreation options.

Watauga Lake Marinas and Docks

Watauga Lake is home to a variety of marinas and docks, ranging in size and in amenities.  Below is a list of of marinas and docks, with a links to available information pages.

Watauga Lake Boat Rentals

For those interested in renting a boat, we have a couple of links below to help in your search. Renting a boat can be a good option if you only need a boat once or twice a year, but keep in mind that the cost of a day’s rental is often more than an entire month’s membership in Carefree Boat Club!

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