Mom Can Drive a Boat, Too

Mom Can Drive a Boat, Too
Let’s face it: The kids are getting older, and they’re past the age where hanging out at the pool all summer is fun and exciting.

They’re looking for something a little more challenging than the slide and the diving board, and you’re on the hunt for activities that will keep your kids busy this summer and won’t cost a fortune.

When you start adding up the cost of summer camps for two or three kids, it can cost as much as a small car – and, besides that, it doesn’t give you much time to spend with them.

A lot of families look forward to weekends on the lake, but only when the whole family is together; often, women don’t feel like they have the training or confidence to drive a boat and especially to tow their kids behind it on skis or an inner tube – which, truthfully, requires additional skills.

But women can learn to safely operate a boat, too. It’s similar to learning how to drive a car: It just takes a little bit of training and practice.
In an effort to help meet this need – and help moms gain the confidence to enjoy the lake with their kids during the week – local boating clubs are working together to offer free training.

Carefree Boat Club is working in partnership with Johnson City Sail & Power Squadron, a group of local boating enthusiasts, to provide free training to members – especially women who might not have driven a boat by themselves before.

All members at Carefree Boat Club must go through an on the water orientation, where they can demonstrate the skills they have and sign up for any needed training. Through the club, they can get as much training as they want – and it’s free with membership.

Mom, that means you – even if your husband always drives the boat and you’ve never been behind the wheel. You can learn to handle a boat, too – and safely tow your kids on the water.

Just think of the extra fun you could have with your kids during the week, in between those family boat outings – and make more use of your membership!