Need a change of scenery? Schedule your next business meeting on the lake!

Let’s face it – nobody loves going to business meetings. They’re an essential part of the work day for many, but there’s just something about sitting in a crowded room full of shuffling papers and drinking lukewarm coffee that totally zaps your motivation.

What if you could have a change of scenery for your meetings? What if you and your team could meet on a luxury pontoon or sport boat and spend your afternoon on the lake, far away from distractions and the doldrums of the board room? There’s hope for your next meeting — members of the Carefree Boat Club can do that any time they want!

The Carefree Boat Club has fleets on every lake in the Tri-Cities, as well as nearly 50 other locations around the country. As a member all you have to do is show up to the marina and take out a boat – that’s all there is to it! It’s the perfect opportunity to make your next meeting one to remember. You can even call ahead and reserve one if there’s a particular boat you’d like to use.

Of course meeting on a boat sounds fun, but there are real reasons to take your agendas and brainstorming sessions out on the lake!

Being outside is good for your brain

What better way to give your team a mental boost than with an afternoon in the great outdoors? They’ll be more relaxed during your discussions, and scientists believe it has a real effect on work quality as well. Neuroscientist David Strayer tells Outside Online that spending time in outdoors “enhances higher-order thinking, restores attention, and boosts creativity.” It’s like giving the part of your brain responsible for critical thinking a mini-vacation.


Help your team deal with office stress

Ringing phones, constant access to ever-expanding email inboxes, the general chaos of working in a shared environment; all of these things can make it hard to perform your daily duties. Time spent working on a quiet pontoon floating in a beautiful cove will hardly seem like work at all in comparison! All of the boats in the Carefree Boat Club fleets are equipped with the highest quality seating and interior materials so that your floating conference room is even more comfortable than the real thing.

Team building without the ropes course!

Spend enough time boating with your lake buddies and you’ll really understand what it means to have a “lake family”. You get to know your friends in those relaxing days in the sun, whether they’re action packed wakeboarding trips or just a quiet afternoon floating in a cove. Spending time with your co-workers on the lake can have the same effect – you’ll build a camaraderie that doesn’t require putting on ill-fitting helmets and walking along wood beams on grueling employee retreats.

Carefree Boat Club

Change your venue on a whim

The great thing about being a Carefree Boat Club member is you just show up and sign out a boat. The flexibility of the Carefree Boat Club means you can decide at the last minute to have your morning meeting on the water, be back to the marina in time for a group lunch, and then make it back to the office by early afternoon.

It doesn’t just have to be meetings! If you’re working on closing a deal, imagine taking the prospect out for an afternoon on the lake to go over the final details. Maybe you’d like to conduct job interviews in a distraction-free environment or network with community leaders. As a Carefree Boat Club member you’d have the ability to use membership for all of this and more!