Need Help Selling Your Boat?


It’s that time of year. You’ve decided to join a boat club or the shows are coming up and you’re craving a new boat. Now you just have to sell your old boat to pay for your new plan.

Here’s a great strategy to help you get it sold quickly and at the right price.

  1. Get the message out there through heavy advertising. Use boating websites, social media, the local newspaper and any other available publications. Ads with pictures are the most effective.
  1. Set a fair price. You don’t want to lose early prospects that are really interested, because you’re trying to get an unrealistic price. If you can get your boat sold quickly, you’ll avoid ongoing advertising, storage, maintenance and time costs used in showing the boat.
  1. Always warm up the engine before you show the boat. Not only will the engine sound great, it will also help avoid the possibility of a dead battery.
  1. Make it shine. Go the extra mile to polish or wax the boat. Little touch ups and air fresheners can help seal the deal. It’s quick, easy and perfect for that prospect to get the right first impression
  1. Empty storage areas and show how spacious they are instead of having them filled to capacity with junk.
  1. You may want to apply a fresh coat of paint to the bottom of the boat.
  1. Be organized and have your title, registration, extended warranty and service records in a neat binder.
  1. The easiest solution happens when you join a boat club. If the boat club is run on a dealership model, the club owner will sell your boat for you and get you in the club immediately.  You don’t have to think about your boat again. It is an immediate, no-hassle solution.

Best of luck using these tips to get your boat sold quickly and at the best price!!