New Year…New You?

            As the new year is rolling around, we would like to wish the happiest New Year to our members. We hope your holiday season has been extra festive, full of great food, and even better memories. Accompanying the changing of years is the changing of you (or at least that’s sometimes the goal)! New Year’s resolutions are a fun tradition, a way to reflect on the past year and improve for the next. Maybe you’ve resolved to shed a few pounds and visit the gym a little more frequently, get organized, or finally visit Europe. Although all good things, we aren’t the only ones who feel resolutions are difficult to keep, especially when they involve lavish excursions across the world. But, perhaps your New Year’s resolutions sound a little more like spending more quality time with family, and getting outdoors. If so, you are in luck. We here at the Boat Club have some great ideas to help you actually meet your goals – the Carefree way!


Ready to kick off the new year with a brand-new way to make those family memories and enjoy the beautiful outdoors of our area? This year, a membership to the Carefree Boat Club might be exactly what you are looking for. Our team is excited to come alongside you and make 2019 one for the books. From camping trips on secluded islands, to all-day tubing trips, to learning new skills like wake-surfing and wakeboarding, to cookouts and live music – meeting your resolutions is just a step away. Although we here at the Carefree Boat Club can’t quite help you hit the gym or buy you a plane ticket, we know how to take care of our members, and just like you we have a resolution! This year, we promise to show our boaters better customer care than ever before. So, we’ll see you on the lake!