No need to wait for spring – join Carefree Boat Club now and enjoy fall boating!

Leaves changing on the lake in the fall

Did you know South Holston Lake is actually warmer on Halloween than it is on Memorial Day?

It’s true! Some folks we talk with about Carefree Boat Club membership decide they want to join, but that they will wait until spring. It seems logical to wait to sign up at the beginning of boating season in the spring, right? We would challenge you to think about it this way: joining now with a ONE year contract actually allows you unlimited boating for part of TWO years – the rest of 2017 and most of 2018. After all, there are still plenty of warm water weeks left even though summer is almost over.

There are plenty of other reasons to join Carefree Boat Club now instead of waiting for the start of a new season, too…

Join Carefree Boat Club

Carefree Boat Club contracts are annual

When you sign a contract with the Carefree Boat Club, you immediately become a member. Your contract begins on that day and ends on that day at the end of the period. So that means not only do you get to immediately hit the water next spring as soon as it warms up, you also get access to every single boatable day up until that point. Why wait around until spring when you could be on the water now? The end of summer is still plenty warm and there’s something else special in store for our members in the Appalachians…

Watching the leaves change on the water is one of the most rewarding things about boating on the Tri-Cities’ lakes!

Get a front-row seat to leaf season

The Appalachian Mountains are well-known for their beauty as the seasons change. People come from all over the country to “leaf watch” in our area. With miles of densely forested shorelines on Watauga Lake, South Holston Lake, and Boone Lake, boaters have access to one of the best spots to take in the gorgeous fall scenery. As a boat club member in the post-summer months, you don’t need to plan out a route and fight out-of-state traffic to head out of town for the leaves. Just reserve a boat and make a day of it for the most memorable changing of the leaves yet!

If you don’t live in the Southeast, don’t worry – as a Carefree Boat Club member you have access to every single club fleet in the United States. Start planning your leaf-watching vacation now!

Chaparral 244 Sunesta Watauga Lake Carefree Boat Club
Carefree Boat Club members enjoy an entire fleet of top-of-the-line performance boats, all at a fraction of the cost of owning!

More members means more boats next season

Carefree Boat Club locations build their fleets based on the number of members for each club to ensure that there are always enough boats to go around. If more members from 2017 carry over into 2018, that means more boats get ordered to compensate for more new members! The Carefree Boat Club’s Tri-Cities fleet gets bigger every year as our membership grows, and it will only improve as the boat manufacturers we deal exclusively with improve their technology. Exciting new boats added this year included extremely powerful pontoon boats and sport boats with a system to create waves for a more exhilarating wakeboarding experience!

Carefree Boat Club of East Tennessee

Why wait for spring when you could enjoy fall boating now?

You could wait until spring to join Carefree Boat Club, but as we’ve pointed out here there’s no reason not to go ahead and take the plunge now. You’ll still be boating next spring, but you’ll get all of the immediate benefits of late-summer and fall boating that you wouldn’t get until next year if you waited: mild temperatures, the crisp fall air, fewer other boaters on the lake, and the changing leaves mentioned earlier. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and Own The Fun all fall!