Romantic Pontoon Getaways

Looking to organize a special getaway for your significant other but aren’t looking forward to all the planning? After all, once you decide where you want to have dinner, there’s ALL that legwork involved in trying to make a reservation.

Carefree Boat Club pontoon boat romantic getawayAnd before you even get to the crowded restaurant, you’ve got traffic to deal with and once you’re there, you’ve got to find parking. Then, even though you have a reservation, often you still have to wait. By the time you finally get seated, you’re most likely wondering why you didn’t go another route.

A wonderful alternative, which would be FAR more romantic, would be to jump on a pontoon boat and head out on the water. Instead of trying to talk and eat in the midst of a loud, packed restaurant, you and your significant other can enjoy time with each other with no distractions.

Think about it – you pick an evening where the weather is perfect and you set the mood on the boat. You pick out the perfect music, add some outdoor lights to the boat, some flowers, and pack a picnic basket full of your partner’s favorite foods – and possible even a bit of wine – for dinner. Oh, and don’t forget to pick up your favorite dessert for an added treat later in the evening.

While it may not sound romantic, you’ll also want to make sure you have some Citronella candles, bug zapper lights or at the very least some insect repellant on the boat. Nothing can kill the mood faster during a romantic dinner than having bugs either flying around your head or hovering over your food.

Another thing to consider before leaving the dock is whether you have everything you’ll need to set the table (the best option would be to pick up a picnic backpack or set). And if there’s a chance the temperature will drop a lot after the sun goes down, bring along sweaters or blankets so that you’re both comfortable throughout the evening.

Once you have everything you need and you’ve picked up your date before heading to the dock, cruise out to the middle of the lake where there’s less traffic or pilot your pontoon into a little cove where you’ll have more privacy. Then you can set your plan in motion for a romantic evening on the water.

Of course, if you don’t want to eat on the boat, you can still enjoy some wonderful time alone on the boat before cruising off to your favorite eating spot. The Wheelhouse Restaurant at Lakeview Dock on South Holston River is a great spot, offering some tasty dinner choices while The Captain’s Table at Lakeshore Resort on Watauga Lake (where you’ll receive 15 percent off your meal if you’re a Carefree Boat Club member) offers up some delicious seafood.

Another option for your romantic getaway might be to pilot the boat to your favorite out of the way beach area or island. You can light a fire, lay out some blankets and enjoy your picnic dinner – or you could roast hot dogs over the fire – then cozy up afterward to enjoy the stars together.

Whether you’re dining on board your pontoon, opt to grab dinner at a waterfront restaurant you’ve cruised to, or have a meal on a quiet beach, your date won’t soon forget such a special, romantic evening on the water!