Sharing the Love of Boating with Your Spouse

A few weeks ago we had a post about Sharing Your Love of Boating with the kids.  This week we wanted to look at a more common problem, sharing the love of boating with your Spouse.  It is simple really if they love boating as much as you do that means more time on the water, and more time together.  Unfortunately some people just have not been bitten by the Boating Bug.  Whether its the intimidation factor of a 30 foot ski boat, or the fact they might just not be comfortable on board here are a few tips to get them asking “When can we go again”.

Be Nice

Treat your spouse just like you were at home.  Even if it is your boat and you are the captain it does not mean its your own personal empire.  It can be easy to become exasperated or upset hen someone does not understand, but if you ever want to be on your boat again just remember to be nice.

Use Normal Words

Boating and being on the water has a language all its own.  All those “Bows” and “Sterns” and get confusing to someone who is new to boating.  As they become more accustomed to the boat you can start adding some vernacular, but in the beginning stick to landlubber language.

Smooth Sailing, or at least Motoring

Try and keep it smooth and easy your first few times out.  It is supposed to be relaxing and if they get seasick or feel unsafe they will surely never come back.  Try to stay in calm waters at low speeds.  If your boat does not have a head (restroom) then you may want to stay close to some facilities just in case.  You could always stop and get some lunch at a dockside grill and get some food while your at it.

Make it Fun

If its just another place for them to clean, and cook then they will not want to keep working.  Bring some snacks and refreshments to make it fun. If they feel like it is just another place for them to work they will not want to come back.

Teach them How to Drive the Boat

This could be one the best ways to get them to love boating.  Besides it has the added benefit that if something goes wrong they know how to handle the situation.  It also helps to have the ability to have them back into the boat dock if needed.

Use Labels

It sounds silly but it saves them the embarrassment of having to ask what particular knobs or levers are or do.  Labeling “Forward, Neutral, and Reverse” or “Cruising Speed 3000 rpm”.  It can also make boat communication much easier by providing easy directions.  You can label compartments such as “Life Jackets” or “Fishing Equipment”

Many couples enjoy boating together for life.  It can even lead to weeks spent together on the water.  While you may not be crossing oceans with each other it will lead to some of the best memories you have with each other.  Remember if your First-Mate loves boating that means more time on the water for both of you.  It also means that you will probably have the full support of your spouse to buy a bigger and better boat.