Stand-up paddleboards now available at Rockingham Marina!

Stand up paddleboards at Boone Lake

The beautiful summer weather is upon us, and The Carefree Boat Club has an exciting new addition to its fleet. But it’s a little smaller than our supplementary watercraft. We’d like to welcome rental stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) to our Boone Lake location!

Stand-up paddleboarding is a relaxing water sport that has taken lakes and other waterways by storm in recent years. The board is wide, resembling a surfboard. The rider stands up on the board and paddles using a long oar to glide along the water. It’s a very popular, enjoyable family activity and is easy for beginners to pick up, even having no water sports experience.

Boone Lake is a perfect spot to paddleboard, while boating traffic is down. Renting a SUP at Rockingham Marina puts you right in the center of a calm, wide-open part of the lake for a relaxing day paddling around the water with friends and family. Or, for the more advanced paddler, yoga is a popular activity to enjoy on SUP. Make a day of it and enjoy a lunch at the Rockingham Café while you’re there!

Carefree Boat Club of East Tennessee

Other lake-friendly activities

We love our boats here at Carefree Boater, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other fun activities available for the whole family on Boone Lake, South Holston Lake, and Watauga Lake. Each lake has its own unique qualities that make it an ideal destination for outdoor fun, offering a fantastic outlet for kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and swimming, as well as boating.

Kayaking and canoeing in the Tri-Cities

Kayaks and canoes are small crafts, usually plastic, aluminum, or another lightweight material, that are great for small group trips. Their light weight makes them easy to transport and put into any body of water with ease. Not only are kayaks a fun way to soak in beautiful views, and enjoy an experience, they also offer a great way to exercise! Watauga Lake is a fantastic paddling spot with breathtaking views and rich wildlife. There are many islands in Watauga to explore if you’re up for the challenge of paddling to them; but be careful of the critters!

Fishing in the Tri-Cities

As we’ve noted in other blogs, South Holston Lake is a fisherman’s paradise with its miles and miles of undeveloped shorelines and a multitude of coves where fish are abundant. Utilize a boat with a trolling motor to head to the perfect secret spot, or a canoe or kayak for a nature rich experience. Boone Lake and Watauga Lake are great for fishing as well; all three lakes are stocked and monitored by the TVA to ensure the water has a thriving ecosystem.


Swimming in the Tri-Cities’ lakes

There are designated swimming beaches available at Boone Lake, South Holston Lake, and Watauga Lake that are carefully maintained and roped off for a safer swimming experience. If you decide to swim in the lake while boating, always use a personal flotation device. Even the strongest swimmers can be in danger of drowning in deep lake water due to unexpected waves and currents or underwater debris.

Whatever you decide to do, go enjoy a carefree day on the water!