Staycation – Carefree Boater Style

It’s one of the great things about a new year: trying to decide where you’re going – or what you want to do – on vacation.

pontoon boat romantic getaway carefree boat clubFor many, there’s the stress of coming up with something their significant other or their entire family, will enjoy. Do you want to spend your money going to the beach, taking a trip to the mountains or heading to Europe?

The thing with vacations is that they don’t last very long. You spend all that money and after a week away, it’s over and done with and then you might find yourself sitting around for the rest of the year with nothing fun planned.

That’s why many people have gone the staycation route. Yep, they don’t spend that money they’ve saved up on a short, seven-day trip. Instead, they opt to stay at home and do something that will lead to them having fun for a good part of the year – join the Carefree Boat Club.

If you join Carefree, you can just make a call and just like that you’re enjoying a beautiful day out on the water – anytime you want. Being part of the club means you don’t have the worries and aggravation of owning a boat – Carefree does the work and all you do is have a great time on any of the numerous boats we own.

What types of boats are available for your staycation? We have 18’-27’ cruisers, decks, bowriders, pontoons and fishing, ski and sailboats. One of the greatest perks about being a club member is that you get to choose. You may want a cruiser one day so you can take the whole family out or you might want to go fishing with a buddy. Regardless, Carefree will have whatever you’re looking for.

Being a Carefree member is very affordable too – particularly when you consider the fact that you have unlimited usage and you never have to worry about maintenance, cleaning, storage, insurance, slip fees, etc. Oh, and Carefree also has instructors who will provide you with boat safety training, as well as handling skills.

Think about it… which would you rather have – a vacation that lasts for six or seven days, which might entail flight and hotel costs, not to mention all those restaurant meals, car rental, fuel, etc., or something amazing that you can make use of whenever you choose throughout the year, as often as you like?

Staycations are all the rage right now but with most of them, you’re sitting at home, not doing much in the way of fun. With Carefree, a staycation takes on a whole new meaning because you’ll be leaving your everyday stresses behind, grabbing a boat and enjoying the lake whenever you want. Doesn’t really seem like much of a choice, now does it?