Surf Boat Made Easy

Wake surfing behind Chaparral Sunesta Surf


Learning to operate the surfing features of a surf boat is much easier that you might think. Wake surfing is becoming more and more popular since Malibu’s patented surf gate system that makes a large wake perfect for surfing. The only problem is not many people know how to operate this special feature. This is how to learn to use our Chaparral surf boats in three easy steps. The first step is to set the cruise speed. It is recommended to do this before you cast off because it is easy to forget. All you have to do is use the arrows on the left side of the touch screen to adjust it to the preferred speed. Recommended speed is between 10.5 mph and 11.5 mph so that it is not too slow, but also not too fast. Next, fill the water ballast located underneath the center hatch. To do this, press the button on the main display that looks like a wave. In the top right corner, there are the options to “fill all” or “drain all.” Select fill all to fill the bladder in the ballast with water. This is important because if puts more weight in the boat, creating a bigger, better, more surfable wake. Lastly, once you are out on the water, select that wave button once more. At the bottom there are three buttons: one pointing left, one a center circle, and the third pointing right.  This is how to select which surf gate to open. Keep in mind that the wake will be made opposite the side of the gate opened; open the right surf gate for the wake to be on the left side of the boat. You are finished with the set up and are ready to surf! It is recommended for first timers to drive the boat around without a surfer to get used to where the wake is and how to best control it. Now you are ready to use the surf boats yourself! For information on how to get better at the actual wake surfing, you can find a great educational video at Enjoy surfing and have a great time!