The Gift That Keeps on Giving


Real talk. It’s about the time of year when your hand-picked evergreen is decorated, and your logs are lit, cookies are in the oven…and the kids are about to make a big mess decorating them (but hey, it’s Christmas)! Giving gifts this time of year is so joyful and rewarding, and you’ve spent long hours thoughtfully choosing wrapped happiness for everyone on your list…well, mostly everyone. There’s always just that one family member, friend, or special someone that is accompanied by a yearly gift-buying predicament. Have you found yourself in this, or a similar situation? Still searching for that perfect Christmas gift? Look no further, the Carefree Boat Club has just the answer.

Throughout the year, our members have full access to our top-of-the-line fleet, whenever is convenient for their personal calendar. If you aren’t familiar with the boat club, we completely handle maintenance and upkeep, leaving nothing but the fun for you! If you are, the amenities of the club are no stranger, so why not share the excitement? This Christmas give someone a gift they won’t toss to the side after a few hours, a membership to the Carefree Boat Club (or as we fondly refer to it, the gift that keeps on giving). Don’t pass up the opportunity to unlock a whole new world of boating, water sports, fishing, cove exploration, and memories to be cherished for a lifetime for your special someone in mind! Even better, among all the busyness and bustle surrounding the season, let us make it easy for you, call us at 1-877-651-3625 or email for details on how to gift a Carefree Boat Club membership.

As the Carefree Boat Club, we are privileged to share the joy of boating with hundreds of individuals and families, and this Christmas we couldn’t be more excited to pass it on. Leave behind the typical present idea, and let us help you give an unforgettable gift-the Carefree way.