Trade In Your Boat – Join Carefree Boat Club!

Joining a Boat ClubThere’s an old saying that the two happiest days of a boat owner’s life are the day you buy the boat and the day you sell it. Seasoned owners will understand why — the joy you feel when you buy your new boat can quickly be ground down by years of constant maintenance, winterizing, de-winterizing, the struggle of towing your craft to and from the water (or increasing dock fees if your boat stays on the water), and unexpected repair costs.

What if there was a way to sell your boat AND keep that ecstatic new-boat feeling every time you hit the water? With Carefree Boat Club, you can! New club members can trade in a boat they already own and have the value applied to the costs of joining Carefree Boat Club!   Every trip out feels like the first day you owned your old boat!

Carefree Boat Club

Tired of the Constant Maintenance?

Let’s look at some of the reasons an owner would be eager to get rid of a boat. Another old saying is that a boat is “a hole in the water you throw money into,” and the one thing every boat owner has in common is costly upkeep. Keeping your interior clean is a must to prevent wear and tear, as well as keeping the engine tuned. Hulls and pontoons need to be kept clean and checked for damage. Annoying, expensive covers need to be used to prevent sun and water damage. Sometimes a day on the lake feels like more work than play; trade your boat in and all you need to worry about is putting gas back in it when you’re done!

Tired of Loading and Unloading Your Boat?

If you don’t keep your boat in a marina that means your day on the lake is bookended by launching and trailering. After finally getting it loaded and towed to the water, you often have to wait in line to launch your boat on a public ramp. Once it’s finally in the water, you get to do it all again at the end of the day; and getting a boat out of the water and onto a trailer is tough work, so be ready for a long wait if there’s a line at the ramp. As a Carefree Boat Club member, all you have to do is return the boat to the marina — no waiting in line or dealing with trailers.

Tired of Costly and Unexpected Repairs?

Major repairs may be the biggest reason to avoid boat ownership. Any owner can tell you that a surprise repair can put a huge dent in your summer fun budget. If you’re not doing the work yourself, the cost of engine repair can range anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Reupholstering boat interior can also cost in the thousands, as well as crucial repairs to the hull of the boat that could be disastrous if not fixed as soon as possible. Boats kept in a packed marina are often damaged by other boats trying to wedge into small shared slips. Even with proper upkeep, any boat will likely need an expensive repair at some point. The Carefree Boat Club fleet is professionally maintained by licensed mechanics so that they’re always ready for use and in peak performance.

Carefree Boat Club of East TennesseeLet Us Handle The Headaches – You Handle The Fun!

With all of this potential disaster looming just under the surface, is it any wonder that so many people are trading in their boats to join the Carefree Boat Club? Membership gets you access to ANY boat in the fleet at any of the area lakes. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk to you about your boat.  Once our dealer has had a chance to discuss and appraise the value of your boat, we can talk about whether you would like to trade your boat, applying the value to your boat club membership costs, or even sell your boat for you through our dealership network.  Either way, we can help reconnect you to the joy in boating without any of the headaches and hassles that you’ve grown tired of.