Watersports You Must Try

A lot of people have asked me recently about what watersport they would like, but he honest answer is that everyone is different.  However I do have a list of five watersports you must try.

1. Barefoot Water Skiing

This is the cousin of regular water skiing and a whole lot of fun.  Imagine yourself flying across the water at 35-40MPH on nothing but your bare feet.  Exhilarating, as this is it really is not that hard.  Ask your local marina to see if there are any lessons available to get you started

2.  Wakeboarding,

If you live in a lake town chances are you have heard of wakeboarding.  It is basically snowboarding on the water in warm temperatures behind a boat.  It has been around for quite a while now and and many in lake communities find that this is their number one summer hobby

3. Zap-Cat Racing.

This is extreme power boating.  reaching speeds of over 60MPH and pulling 3G’s in a corner that pretty impressive for an inflatable raft.  This one is a new and upcoming sport and has seen a huge surge in availability.  Check with a local marina or boat dealer to find a rental before buying to make sure you like it.

4. Jet Skiing

Crotch rockets on the water.  These are some of the fastest, most adrenaline pumping, and dangerous watersports vehicles out there.  You can turn, jump, and race these things for hours of enjoyment for a minimal cost.  This is very popular and lots of fun.

5. Skurfing

Imagine Water Skiing and Surfing got together and created a new sport, this would be it.  Riding a surfboard on the wake of a power boat doing 35-40 mph, sounds like fun right?  It is easy to learn and great fun for those new to the watersport world.

There you have it five fantastic watersports you must enjoy before you die.