Why Go Carefree? Part one.

Calling all members and non-members alike! This brand-new, six-part series is for you! We will be honing in on some of the fundamental aspects of the Carefree Boat Club, and reasons why we are the best choice for you. Part one of six is all about affordability. When the cost of owning and maintaining a personal watercraft is taken into account, it often turns interested individuals away from getting out on the lake and fully experiencing one of our areas’ key ingredients. Attempting to merge affordability and maximum enjoyment may seem impossible, but we take great pride in making this a reality, and our staff is eager to work with you on a solution that makes you and your family smile, and your bank account too.  

            More than most of us would like to admit, affordability is a large deciding factor in what we introduce into our lives. Maybe lake life has always looked like a blast, but when boat purchase, slip fees, insurance, maintenance, repair, taxes, towing coverage, winterization, and depreciation are considered, it suddenly does not sound so glamourous. Yes, the rumors are true, owning a boat is a hassle, but now you don’t have to. As a member of the Carefree Boat Club, you will end up spending approximately 1/3 of the cost of owning a boat, and we take care of the rest.

            If you’ve ever looked into buying a boat or have owned in the past, you are most likely aware of both the time and financial commitment it requires. So why go Carefree? Because with us, you can boat and save your pocket change..it’s about time! Remember, this is part one of a series, so stay tuned for more.

Questions about how to join? We are here to help. Call us! 877-651-3625