Why Go Carefree? Part Six.

Welcome boaters to the final chapter of this six-part series. You made it! With summer peeking around the corner, we welcome in the new boating season with open arms, but as we anxiously await the sunny afternoons spent on glassy, open waters – a cold drink in one hand, lifejacket in the other – we are slowing it down and heading back to the basics. That’s what this series is all about! In case you are just now hopping on board with this series, so far we have covered affordability, unlimited usage, variety of boats, availability, and location options (some may call these perks, but we like to think of them as necessities). As we continue to dissect the mission and design of the Carefree Boat Club, we want to make clear our goals, to not only future boaters, but to our existing Carefree family – because we believe in customer satisfaction and appreciation. Stay tuned as we wrap up this series!

            Soaring across the lake on a gorgeous evening, sunset on the horizon painting the sky an array of pinks, and you at the wheel of a shiny black MasterCraft, hair rippling in the wind (cue slow motion effect and dramatic soundtrack), is a pretty great image right? Right, until you realize you have no idea what that sign means and you just demolished the bottom of that shiny new boat on some protruding rocks…that one might hurt the bank account. Lucky for all of our members, we offer training, so unfortunate scenarios like this are very easily avoided. Trained specialists offer boat safety training and handling skills at each location. You will be instructed on how to utilize boat amenities, operating a boat in tight quarters, navigating channels, practicing emergencies, applying the rules of the road, and slip docking and navionics. So not to worry! We even supply a checklist on each watercraft for you to make sure everything is set before enjoying your outing. 

            Thanks for sticking around for part six! Can’t wait to see you on the lake!