Why Go Carefree? Part Three.

Welcome back members and future members, to our six-part series on experiencing lake life the best way – the Carefree way! Parts one and two are devoted to affordability and unlimited usage. Did you know that as a Carefree Boat Club member, you can hand pick from any watercraft in our fleet, on the lake of your preference, all through ResNet, our reservation system? Even better, forget winterization, slip fees, insurance, maintenance fees, and depreciation, we’ve got you covered. For approximately 1/3 of the cost of buying and owning a watercraft personally, you can have full access to our club and everything it has to offer – including our wide variety of boats. Whether you’re looking to coast the day away on a serene sailboat, or whip around tubes and wakeboards, you are guaranteed to land on something in our fleet which suits your fancies.

            Pontoons, fishing boats, bowriders oh my! Between Watauga Lake, South Holston Lake, and yes Boone Lake, your friendly neighborhood boat clubs are home to a hefty variety of top-of-the-line boats, and we are proud of it! By the way, Boone Lake might be a tad bit smaller these days, but we are afloat and boating at Rockingham Marina. Come see for yourself! Our boat sizes range from 18 to 27 feet, and include decks, pontoons, cruisers, sailboats, water sport boats (like the brand new surf boats that are all the rave), and fishing boats. In addition to utilization of the boats, we have tubes and tow ropes upon request! We can accommodate all your fishing, sailing, and daredevil tubing endeavors!

            By offering a wide variety of boats to our members, we are able to target a large range of ages and interests. Kids get a kick out of our double decker pontoon, equipped with a waterslide, and couples love our more entertainment package pontoons. We are proud to be able to supply our members with all of their boating needs so they can take the lake – the Carefree way!