Winterizing boats: one more thing club members never have to worry about!

While boaters still have plenty of time to enjoy the lake before it gets too cold, there’s always one thing looming that all boat owners dread: winterizing. Getting your boat properly maintained for winter is a costly and tedious chore but it’s also absolutely necessary to make sure your investment is safe from unneeded wear and tear. Members of the Carefree Boat Club never have to worry about winterizing – the club takes care of all maintenance!

Winterizing is time-consuming and expensive

Every major component of a boat needs to be winterized to prevent damage. The hull should be checked for rust and barnacles (or mussels if you’re a lake boater). The engine needs to be flushed, stabilized, and lubricated. Fuel systems need to be cleaned and maintained. The interior and seating need to be cleaned and protected. Props need to be scraped clean. Batteries need to be checked and charged. On top of all of that, you still have to worry about where it’s going to be stored for the winter. In-water and out-of-water storage each have their own to-do lists, and both can be expensive if you don’t own your own slip or storage facility. You’re essentially paying to not use your boat!

So why not just skip winter maintenance altogether? This might be fine for a few seasons, but over time the deterioration adds up. Your decision to save your time and money by not taking care of your boat can suddenly turn into a much more expensive repair bill you have to pay before you can take your first trip out the next season. If you decide to cut your losses and sell your damaged boat, you can quickly end up underwater while the resale value plummets because of engine problems and hull integrity.

Join Carefree Boat Club

Carefree Boat Club: no more winter maintenance and more time on the water!

If you’re thinking of buying a boat or you’re a current boat owner who is overwhelmed by this list, don’t fret – there’s an easier way to enjoy boating! Carefree Boat Club members never have to deal with the headaches of winterizing and storing the boats they’ve been enjoying all summer and fall. In fact, the boat club gives you the most opportunity to enjoy boating for longer – imagine deciding your season is over and going through the trouble of winterizing your boat, only to see temperatures go back up weeks later. You can’t enjoy the bonus boating weather if you’re already packed up for winter unless you want to do everything all over again!

Once the season is completely over, the Carefree Boat Club’s team of boating experts takes care of everything needed to keep our fleet running in perfect condition. The next season the fleet will even have brand new boats to enjoy. Imagine never maintaining a boat in the fall again and then returning to your choice of brand new ones every new season!

Trade up to Carefree Boat Club Membership

If you’re a current boat owner who’s ready to put the winterizing tools away for good, trade up to membership in the Carefree Boat Club! Our dealer will look over your boat and any value of the trade will go toward your boat club membership. There’s never been an easier way to rediscover the joy of boating without any of the hassles of constant maintenance.

Saving time, saving money, and enjoying more days out on the lake – that’s what the Carefree Boat Club is all about. Signing up now means you get the rest of the beautiful fall season to enjoy, and you’re ready to hit the lake the very first day of the next season.