You Float My Boat … Valentine’s Day on the Lake

For the sake of a thought experiment-close your eyes and picture this. Actually, keep your eyes open because you are going to want to keep reading. Imagine, February 14th, 2019, you treat your sweetheart to a delicious meal, spend some time with him or her under the night sky, and share heartfelt sentiments. Romantic right? Now imagine all of that, on a Carefree Boat Club boat! How is it possible you say? Stay tuned, we are going to show you how to enjoy the perfect Valentine’s Day-the Carefree way!


Let’s talk logistics. A romantic night on the water sounds great, but is it feasible? Of course! It starts by reserving a boat of your choice (a pontoon is ideal), then packing up your favorite meal, and heading out to the lake! If you wanted to surprise your sweetheart, we can help with that too! Set up the boat with the meal, maybe some candles and rose petals (to set the mood, of course), and afterwards, treat them to a twilight cruise, with a sunset and mountain view. Oh, and don’t forget dessert! Enjoy a starlit delectable treat, accompanied by blankets and hot coffee. Convinced yet? If you are a movie loving couple-bring along a laptop with your favorite movie to perfectly end out the evening.


Nice restaurants can be fun to visit on Valentine’s Day, but the ambiance can often be disturbed by the gobs of people with the same idea as you. This year, try something new and take a load off on the lake. We can guarantee peaceful, serene waters, for a special night with your Valentine. Don’t forget to bundle up! It is February so don’t expect swimsuit weather. We hope you and your sweetheart decide to join us, for a night you’ll never forget!

Boone Lake, South Holston Lake, and Watauga Lake